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What is a Doula?

As your prepare for your birthing day you will learn about all sorts of birthing methods, hospital room preferences, birthing choices……..this list goes on and on, as it should!  This will most doubtebly be one of or the most anticipated and exciting experiences of your life, especially if it is your first!  Amoung the many new words you may be hearing as an expecting mommy is doula.  What is a doula?  A doula acts as a complete emotional and physical rock for you.  Doula’s provide support like helping you through tough contractions, making sure you are staying hydrated,  helping you to maintain your positive thought process throughout your labor.  A doula will also assist you in making sure your delivery is being carried out as you wish.  Every hospital is different on what the restrictions of a doula are however most hospitals welcome doulas into each and every step of the birthing process.  

Studies have shown that when a doula is present at a birth, labors are shorter with fewer complications.  This could be attributed to the level of communication they bring between the laboring mother her partner and the clinical staff.  She is there to make sure that the state of mind that the laboring woman is in stays calm and as peaceful as possible.  Doulas are trained in various areas of the birthing process, helping mom and dad through those first moments and mommy with her first attempts at breast-feeding. 

The care and support of your doula doesn’t stop at the end of your laboring day.  Most women or couples who hire a doula have an ongoing relationship with their doula as new parents who may need additional help or support.  Doulas are trained to provide help in areas such as newborn care, fourth trimester recovery, and family adjustment or even just to help with meal preparation for those first few days of recovery.
Many people don’t realize that a doula can assist and be a part of every kind of birth possible.  Explore more information on what a doula can do for your birth experience by clicking here or finding a doula near you to speak with.

Find a doula

Doulas can be found around the globe. To find a certified Doula click here to be redirected to the DONA International website.

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