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Questions to Ask an Ob-Gyn

To be a well-informed patient, you need--and have the right--to know certain things about your Ob-Gyn. Here are some general questions you can ask. Remember, you have to feel comfortable with your provider in order to get the quality care you and your baby deserve!

Training & Experience

>Why did you become an ob-gyn?

>Are you a board-certified ob-gyn?

>Do you have any sub-specialty training?

>How long have you been practicing?

>Are you taking any new patients?

>How many babies have you delivered?

Managing My Pregnancy

>How much time do you allow for prenatal visits?

>On average, how long is the wait in your office?

>What percentage of your own patients do you deliver each month?

>If you are not on call or are delivering another baby, who will deliver my baby?

>Do you have a nurse-midwife in your practice?

>If I call with routine questions between visits, how will you handle them?

>Are you on call 24-hours/day?

>How do I reach you in an emergency or if I am entering labor?

>Do the nurses at the hospital support your birth philosophy?

>Can I choose the hospital in which I will deliver my baby?

>What are your views about recommending alternative, complementary or integrative medical approaches?

Prenatal Care

>What is your policy on informed decision making by parents?

>Which prenatal tests do you recommend?

>When would you recommend or perform:

  Nonstress test:
  Contraction stress test:
  Biophysical profile:

>How do you manage my concerns about a specific test?

>What do you consider to be a high-risk pregnancy?

>How much experience do you have with high-risk pregnancy?

>What changes can I expect in my prenatal care if my pregnancy becomes high-risk?

>At what point will you insist on induction?

>Do you recommend any prenatal classes?

>Will you help me prepare a birth plan?

Labor & Delivery

>Will you meet me when I am first admitted to the hospital?

>Who will manage my care until you arrive?

>Will you stay with me throughout my labor, including pushing?

>How much time do you normally spend with mothers in labor?

>What percentage of your patients have hired professional labor assistants (doulas)?

>What views do you hold about professional labor assistants?

>Would you be comfortable with me having a qualified professional labor assistant stay with me at home and check my cervix for as long as my membranes are intact and bring me to the hospital only when I am in active labor?

>What are your suggestions to help me manage pain during labor?

>Which of the following procudures do you routinely employ during labor?

>What percentage of your patients require cesarean sections?

>For which situations do you most commonly perform a cesarean section?

Postpartum Care

>Will I be separated from my baby following delivery?

If yes, when:
If yes, why:
If yes, for how long:

>Can my baby room in with me?

>Will you, or someone on your staff, teach me how to breastfeed?

>What are your views about circumcision?

Cost & Services

NOTE: Since time is often short during initial consultations, you may wish to save the following questions for the office manager or billing department.

>What is your fee?

>Am I covered by my insurance company?

>If no, do you offer payment plans?

>Does your fee need to be paid up front or will I be billed?

>What other costs may I encounter?

Ask Yourself

>Were you kept waiting for long before meeting the obstetrician?

>Were you comfortable with the obstetrician?

>If he attended did the obstetrician involve your partner in the discussion?

>Were the support staff and nurses at the office helpful in answering your questions?

Your Pregnancy, Week by Week
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