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Accurate Conception Date Calculator

Most due date calculators work by computing the date based on the first day of your last menstrual period, but for some women whose cycles are a little less regular, such a calculation often yields inaccurate results. Other due date calculators allow for you to adjust the average luteal phase for your cycle, but even still, leave much room for error when it comes to actually pinpointing the due date.

From counting the number of full moons (there should be nine, according to many, including those hailing from Native American cultures) to peering into the womb via ultrasound, there's many a way to take an educated guess about the due date of a pregnancy. Even still, none of these methods are foolproof, because only a baby knows the precise moment she will decide to make her grand entrance!

There's yet another way of calculating that day... but you're going to have to try and remember the replica watches replica watches replica watches replica watches date when you did the deed that you think actually fertilized egg with seed! For some, this is an easy one, because of an almost instantaneous realization many mamas-to-be experience: "Oh, yeah - that was the one!"

Without further 'adue,', we present to you: our Due-Date-o-Matic, by Conception Date!

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